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Let's Talk About Losing Weight

  • Do you feel the frustration of the dieting yo-yo? You lose weight and then gain it all back? Sometimes more than you first lost?

  • Does getting dressed make you feel depressed because your clothes no longer fit?

  • Is your self-confidence taking a hit?  

​I understand because I was you.

Forget dieting and crazy restrictions -  the latest viral food combinations that 'guarantee' to make you skinny, fast. Lose weight for the final time and keep it off. 

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Diets do not teach you how to mentally empower yourself and to spot the mental triggers.  That's why diets fail. 
It failed me too, until I adjusted my mindset.
I shed over 100 pounds and have kept it off for five years.
I will not go back.  

The key to successful and permanent weight loss is using a practice-based approach designed to build healthier habits into your life that don't require a lot of time or thought.

My goal as a weight loss and life coach, is to help my clients navigate their journey of weight loss. No pills, no gimmicks, and no fad diets. It's a collaborative approach. 


Together, we will customize your plan including strategic daily practices that will help you demolish the negative diet mindset and turn up the volume on self-compassion and self-care.  We will create emotional resilience so that you can handle whatever comes your way without relying on food or alcohol to comfort you. That is a long-term solution. 


The Trippi Coaching Program includes: 

Weekly 1:1 Video Coaching Session

Plan Review and Modification

Weekly Goal Email Reminders 

Weekly Food, Fitness, and Wellbeing Tips

Unlimited Email Support

Unlimited Text Support


A partner to walk this journey with you. 


I will walk every step of this journey with you. We will celebrate milestones, acknowledge disappointments, recalibrate, and keep on going. This is a partnership, not a business transaction. 


If you are ready to break the cycle of shame and guilt so many of us have been trapped in.


Schedule a
Call with Andrea

Phone:  (630)699-5739    Email:

If you feel stuck in your attempts to change your eating, exercise, or other life habits, contact us today. You are beautiful, capable, and empowered. Let's do this!

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